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Crucial Role of UX Design in Digital Transformation

Alok John

Saying that digital technology is developing at a lightning pace is hardly anything groundbreaking. Neither is arguing that businesses need to keep up with it in order to stay competitive in the market. However, a mad dash toward digital transformation is not guaranteed to produce the desired results. In fact, it might even be counterproductive without sound UX design serving as the backbone of those innovations.


The Significance Digital Transformation

The term “going digital” covers quite a lot of ground. Some may interpret it as shifting away from paper documents. While this is certainly a part of the process, it actually has a broader meaning. It entails bringing your whole business operation in line with the latest trends and cutting-edge technology.

As mentioned, it is easy to see how this is crucial for any organization that wants to stay relevant in the present day and age. If you fall behind, you get left in the dust – it’s as simple as that. For proof, simply look at what happened to Blockbuster. This former giant of the video industry now primarily serves as a cautionary tale.

On the whole, the society understands this and investments into digitalization are massive. For example, one research report found that as much as 85% of companies intend to invest in digital transformation in 2018.

Global governments are not far behind and you can see massive efforts to modernize the public sector worldwide. In addition, digital trends dominate the start-up industry for obvious reasons.

All in all, digitization is everywhere and no one can afford to ignore it.


Getting Digital Transformation Right

There are countless examples of companies embracing the digital age and profiting massively from it. To list but one instance, you have Mainfreight.

Mainfreight is a logistics company from New Zealand. In an effort to bring something new to the transportation industry, they created Mainchain Ultra. This data portal has allowed them to offer fully digital supply chains to their customers. In turn, this has garnered a lot of recognition for the company.

But if you want better-known examples, there are many more instances where companies have digitized entire industries, not just their own operation. What Netflix did to the video industry is seen in Blockbuster as a result. Amazon revolutionized the way people shop. Finally, Uber is threatening to turn the taxi business on its head.

As a result, the impact these companies have had is enormous. Even if you set aside the financial aspect for a moment, these services have become an integral part of the everyday lives of countless people. And the reason is that their platforms offer a convenient and practical way to achieve something. Simply put, people return to these websites and apps because they are easy to use.

The other way to put this would be to say they are well-designed. And this is the critical point. Nowadays, you have competition everywhere. No matter the product or service, there are many ways to get it. Under these circumstances, the deciding factor for success is the user experience. And this is where UX research comes in.


The Role of UX Design

You already know that investments in the IT sector are at an unprecedented level. However, a study has found that a lot of this money can end up going into technology which simply does not produce the expected results or benefits.

The bottom line is that just having that shiny piece of new technology isn’t enough. If you’re looking for bad UX design examples, you need to look no further than the ill-fated Google Wave. The idea of improving group emails was a good one. However, the end software was simply too complicated to use and it failed almost immediately.

Therefore, it is imperative to create a product your target audience is comfortable with. And this is the true domain of user experience design. A UX design team helps create enjoyable experience users would want to come back to.

By cooperating with UX designers, you will end up with a product which is not only functional but also convenient and pleasurable. When it comes to customers, this translates into a better position on the market.

However, this is equally important for application within an organization. Digital transformation may be a major opportunity, but it is also a huge challenge. People need to adapt to unfamiliar software and any change can be off-putting.

Thankfully, this is where an accessible user interface can make a huge difference. It can allow your employees to better utilize the new technology. As a result, this will help them fully realize the objectives of your digital transformation effort.


Final Words

As certain people like to say, the design is everything. Whenever you don’t feel comfortable using something, the instinct is to look for an alternative. This is why user experience needs to be at the forefront of any endeavor, digital transformation included.

By working with experts, it is possible to incorporate this kind of design thinking into the very foundation of such projects. You can build a digital solution with user-friendliness and accessibility at its core.

Therefore, get in touch with a renowned UX design company right away and make the most of your digital transformation.

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