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Thence Featured as a Global Leader on!

Prabhasa Kota


At Thence, we know the importance of not only creating beautiful and memorable websites & apps, but of using UX design process to captivate the appropriate audiences for a given business. As a core UI/UX solutions firm, our skills are wide-ranging, from user and behavior researchtesting, and continuous optimization to cutting-edge design techniques to help our clients achieve their retention and engagement goals.

We have recently re-branded from WinkTales and have enjoyed working with businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to enterprise-level companies, on development, design, AR/VR, and chat/voice applications. Our UI-UX expertise have been noticed by the Washington DC-based B2B research and reviews company, Clutch. Clutch measures tech companies from around the world on their ability to deliver, with their research covering everything from UI-UX design studios to PR firms.

Clutch releases an annual report highlighting the leading B2B companies from around the world, and we are proud to share that we have not only been listed as one of the leading UX design agencies in India, but we have earned a spot on their coveted list of the Clutch 1000! Their most exclusive list, the Clutch 1000 ranks the leading B2B firms around the world based on their market presence, past and current clientele, portfolio of work, and the quality of client reviews companies collect on their profiles.

“These 1000 firms demonstrated an exceptional ability to deliver quality products and services for their clients,” Clutch Senior Business Analyst DJ Fajana said. “It’s our honor to welcome them into The Clutch 1000 and highlight their superior commitment to their clients.”

We are excited to also be listed on Clutch’s partner sites, Visual Objects and the Manifest. Visual Objects is a visual portfolio website that showcases work from the leading creative and design firms around the world. Our company also falls on The Manifest’s list of the leading digital designers for 2018.

We are ecstatic to receive these accolades for our work as a UI & UX Design company. We look  forward to seeing where our partnership with Clutch takes us in the future!

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