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Thence Named Top UX Designer in India!

Prabhasa Kota


We are proud to announce that Thence (WinkTales) has been named one of the top UX designers in India on! Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews firm based out of Washington, D.C. Clutch creates company profiles based on comprehensive analysis of previous clients experiences, client testimonials, and market presence. The profiles are then ranked based on the quality of the information collected. Thence (WinkTales) also appears as one of the leading UX design companies in India on Clutch’s sister website, The Manifest, which lists company rankings and reports to inform readers of trends in the B2B service industry.

The underlying purpose for Clutch’s profile creation and ranking is to equip business decision makers with the tools needed to make better partnering decisions. It is a huge honor to have been listed as the 3rd best UX design firm in India, and we owe a big portion of our success to our clients who took the time to discuss their past experiences with Clutch analysts.

Thence (WinkTales)’ comprehensive solution suite includes

  • User Research
  • Full-cycle UI/UX Design and Development
  • User Testing and Optimization
  • UX Labs
  • UX Audit 

To attain such a prestigious status, Thence (WinkTales) must be considered a market leader in its field. With close to 5 client reviews, we feel that our customers’ feedback does a great job explaining why we are considered an industry leader. Thence (WinkTales) has full faith in our past and current clients, and we believe their words speak volumes to the level of care future clients can expect when working together with us.

We’ve mentioned the importance of client testimonials multiple times, but here are some actual things previous clients have said about Thence (WinkTales) after having done business with us:

“Promptness and speed of delivery are what differentiates them from everyone else we’ve worked with.”

“Their responsiveness was one of the primary reasons we went back to them after the first project.”

“They helped us differentiate between the many ways communication can be done within an organization.”


Here at Thence (WinkTales), we are confident that all of our customers will be treated with the utmost care, and we will stop at nothing to deliver! We know the importance of customer engagement and satisfaction and we constantly strive to serve our clients’ needs better every day. If you want to check out our full client reviews or more details about the company, check out our full profile on Clutch!

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