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Thence Ranked #2 UX Agency In India And #10 Worldwide By Clutch

Vinumon S

We come with great news! Thence (WinkTales) has been ranked 2nd in India (out of 150 firms) and 10th in the world (out of 1,700 firms) among UX Design companies of the world for the year 2018 by Clutch.

While there is an endless supply of talented developers in the world, the most important part of a new website or application is the experience of the user using it. Your technology should be intuitive, visually pleasing, and should only enhance the experience of using it. Based out of Bangalore, India, Thence (WinkTales) isn’t just another team of developers and designers – we are an experience design firm that specializes in UX/UI design and branding for all of your technological needs.

As Prabhasa, my co-founder puts it “Our motto is to design experiences that forge stronger relationships. We believe that with people at the core and design as our tool, a world of seamless experiences can be built. This world not just solves problems, but is an intertwined web of steadfast, meaningful relationships… between a user and product; between a consumer and brand; between people.

Thence (WinkTales)’ comprehensive solution suite includes:

  • User Research
  • Full-cycle UI/UX Design and Development
  • User Testing and Optimization
  • Omni-channel Branding
  • Marketing, Corporate, and Internal Communication

With a research driven approach to understand customer behavior and psyche we ensure that our solutions are future proof and drive results. We deep dive to uncover insights on user behavior with on-ground research and ethnographic studies to understand users in their natural environment.

Leveraging our innate understanding of User Experience Design and Development using standardized global practices, we combine User ResearchUsability Testing, Heuristic Evaluation, User Persona Building among other methods to design, develop, and validate products.

Our in-house full scale UX lab utilizes advanced mechanisms to gauge user sentiments and behavior like eye tracking, EEG, heat-map analysis among other techniques for gaining measurable insights for product design. While our custom audit and testing mechanisms measure usability and provide insights for optimization.

It is because of this holistic approach of Research, Design and Development, and Testing and Optimization, we are a full-cycle Experience Design company.

In addition, Learning and Development is an organizational prime focus – we have a detailed learning program to keep up to date with the latest technologies, trends and techniques. This ensures our solutions are truly cutting edge.

Being sector agnostic and having a global clientele from FinTech, Decor, Technology, Banking, Ecommerce, Cloud, Healthcare across Enterprises and Startups, we have, for example, been able to create a technology ecosystem for India’s leading Decor firm. We are also the Communication Partners for a Global Banking IT Major and the Experience Design partners for India’s biggest Corporate wellness service provider

As an up-and-coming company with an impressive resume of past clients, we realized it was time for us to make sure our services are known and amplified against our competition. That’s why we officially joined Clutch – a directory site that serves as an official B2B industry guide for business buyers looking to hire business service providers for their latest projects. Clutch offers comprehensive research and data about companies across tech sectors like UX/UI designers, IT services providers, web developers, and creative agencies.

The most essential part of their research are the clients reviews they list with the companies on their site. These client reviews are created through brief 15-minute phone calls with past and current clients of the companies they review and serve as verified, through third-party reviews in a case study format. Companies on Clutch are ranked according to these reviews and also according to the quality of their past and current clientele, their past work as demonstrated through case studies, and companies’ ability to deliver. New companies are constantly being recruited and added, so Clutch encourages new companies to apply to join and also encourages companies already on Clutch to keep adding reviews and maintain current information on their profiles.

Thence (WinkTales) has performed well on Clutch so far.

Here are snapshots of few reviews from our most valued customers




We can’t wait to hear more from our clients as our partnership with Clutch grows!

About the Author
Vinumon S, Founder & Managing Director, Thence (WinkTales)

Vinumon holds a PGDM from IIM Calcutta and has over 10 years of experience spanning Business Development, Finance, Corporate Strategy & Operations. He loves to write on Experience design, leadership and business streamlining.

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