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12 Best Youtube channels every UI/UX Designer needs to know

Nitai Lev-Oren
User Experience

For a UI/UX designer, the internet is a huge bank of knowledge. The internet is rife with resources, like books, blogs & podcasts. My favorite way of learning from the internet and acquiring knowledge is by watching different channels on YouTube. It is when you are new to UX you don’t know where to start.

That’s why I made a list of channels worth watching and curated the most valuable channels from my perspective.

Some channels on my list are more theoretical and some are more practical, although, every designer may acquire knowledge or conducive practices through them.

Futur YouTube channel-Thence

1. The Futur

The channel introduces the business of design, including how to dealing with clients, how much to charge for design projects; and much more.

Chris says he wants to educate young designers to become more business-oriented and thus he speaks not just about the mere design aspect, but also about the business side. For instance: Pricing, Strategies, Tips for freelancers, etc…

Every week Chris goes live with all these kinds of subjects including highly recommended and helpful tips. It is worth subscribing to.

The channel also offers courses on Typography, Design foundations, Strategy and more.

2. UXLX — User Experience Lisbon

UXLX is a 4-day conference in Portugal, Lisbon, featuring World-class experts from all over the world who lecture about different UX subjects and problems. I think this might be my most-watched channel of all time. This channel is more of the theoretical channel that opens one’s mind for different ideas and new possibilities.

Almost every lecture has an authorship resume on O’Reilly.

UXLX - Thence

Alan Cooper — Photo: YouTube

Highly recommended.

3. High Resolution

Jared Erondu & Bobby Ghoshal have been holding interviews every week for the last six months with highly acclaimed senior UX designers from companies, such as Facebook, Airbnb, Microsoft, IBM and more. These interviews introduce instrumental problems commonly encountered and what lies ahead for the industry. The channel comprises 25 video interviews, an hour-long each.

Not only the interviews show the challenges facing designers today, but they’re also a good resource for getting to know the industry and the key people that rule it.


Jared Erondu & Bobby Ghoshal — Photo: YouTube

Highly recommended.

4. Flux

The channel of Ran Segall, Freelancer, blogger, and entrepreneur who works with clients from startups, offers insights from his long acquired knowledge and his vast experience.

Along with his outputs are the following: How to be a freelancer? How to talk to clients? How to charge more? And further cool tips for web designers and product designers.

I truly identified with the topics and received a lot of desired answers to my queries, which I didn’t know where else to find.

Ran also offers a “Webflow Masterclass Course” on his site. It is a platform to design a website without knowing to code.


Become A Better Designer With Flux-Ran Segall — Photo: YouTube

Highly recommended.

5. Mike Locke

The following channel is of a senior designer who worked with major companies, such as Fox, Yahoo, CBS, etc. He has 18 years of experience in the field and shares his insights with the audience on topics ranging from critical thinking, problem-solving, self-presentation on a job interview and how to showcase one’s portfolio while pointing out beginner’s mistakes.


Mike Locke Channel — Photo: YouTube

Mike gives a lot of great tips and the videos help you to stay motivated. Also, Mike offers courses in UX on his website.

6. Sketch Together

Pablo Stanley, a senior designer in “Invision”, does design workshops and has a podcast about design (in Spanish). In his channel, he recounts, funnily and amusingly, practical advice on “sketch” and the coolest plugins. He also gives tips on “Principle”, “Flinto” and “Framer” which are in fact openers for full courses offered on “Udemy”.

He also has clips named “Design Digest” featuring news about design and worth-to-follow figures from the design community.


The channels feature a company built by Jonathan Kortney and Aussie Michael located both in Berlin and part in San Francisco.

They assert that the “agency model” is dead and they look for: Solving problems instead of just decorating.

According to them, today in the “new game” companies that enter the market need to constantly keep up and perform iteration on their product, otherwise, they don’t stand a chance. They also claim that there is a rise in fluidity than ever before. The company is more focused on strategy and offer design sprints for startups in minimum budgets. Their channel explains the principles of the design sprint, strategy, best practices, and book reviews.


How to do a design sprint — Photo: YouTube

The channel is also sparsed with humor and is amusing to watch.

8. CharliMarieTV

Charlie is an affable woman from New Zealand, and a designer, situated in London. She shares her outputs on how it is to be a designer and the difficulties she faces along the way. On the channel, one can find many tips for freelancers and young designers, such as: “How to switch from Sketch to Figma?” “Working remotely”, adding up pieces of advice and critical reviews on designers’ portfolios.


CharliMarieTV — Photo: YouTube

Her channel is updating frequently and highly recommended.


The company stands behind “Sketch”, we all use it as designers with 5 million users they keep upgrading their product!
The channel gives a lot of information snacks by Clark on how to prototype, grid and expert talks from the industry like: Jake Knapp, David Kelly, etc

10. Nielsen Norman Group

Nielsen Norman Group is a company built by Jakob Nielsen (The father of Human Interaction Design) & Don Norman (that coined the term UX and the writer of: “The Design of everyday things” )
The company offers UX research outputs and the channel offers tips and little bytes of useful information from experts in the field.


Nielsen Norman Group — Photo: YouTube

There’s nothing better than starting the day in the office with coffee and an info snacks from Nielsen Norman channel.

11. UX Salon

The Channel attempts to get into the minds of UX giants in the global field. The channel is useful for studying methodologies and tools of UX and for inspiration. Avi Itzkovitch is the founder of the conference. His motive lies within joining different fields together and connecting community members from all over the world.


Mike Monteiro — UX Salon 2016 — Photo: YouTube

12. Expose UX

The Channel simulates a “reality show” that involves entrepreneurs from early-stage startups. Those entrepreneurs assist a panel of UX experts and absorb critics over their jobs, not only from the UX side but also from the design and business aspects of the final product.


UX experts in Expose UX channel — Photo: YouTube

It is very interesting to see and highly recommended.

About the Author
Nitai Lev-Oren, UI/UX designer from Israel

Studied visual communication in Tel-Aviv. Specialized in various design practices using a broad set of design skills.

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