Interaction Design

Improve customer satisfaction with a more intuitive and engaging Interaction Design

Interaction Design

Interaction Design – Achieve Simplicity with a Human-centric Design

Interaction Design is the process of creating an intuitive product experience with the customer’s ease and convenience as the primary goal. Every product ultimately provides a set of cohesive, integrated experiences. This means that every element and function of that product’s design must work together seamlessly.

At Thence, our ultimate aim is simplicity. We create seamless, distinct, and intuitive designs across devices and platforms using a checkpoint-based Interaction design process that enables us to craft fully-functional products.

To create outstanding designs, we create blueprints for every stage in the design process and validate each of these against the overall design goals. In this way, we reduce user friction and ensure flawless product adoption.


Thence Interaction Design Services

Our Interaction Design service is typically a 4-6 week-long engagement, with the actual duration of the service depending on the complexity of the design. At the end of this process, you will receive a beautiful, distinct, and intuitive product that meets all user expectations. Our systematic IX Design service has defined process flows and outputs, as detailed below:


Logic Design

We organise content and interactions to create a streamlined user journey. This results in very logical and user-centric information architecture and short, efficient user actions.


Navigation Design

Navigation plays an integral role in how users interact with and use your products. We design useful, intuitive and coherent navigation and ensure optimized sitemaps and user flows.


Wireframe Development

Wireframes ensure that our visualization of the products will be on point and that all stakeholders are on the same page. We create both low & high fidelity wireframes to protect the integrity of the design.


Click through Prototyping

Based on the wireframes and navigation designs, low & high fidelity prototypes are created to make the design tangible, enabling you to evaluate the design choices better.


Design Validation

We get the designs validated extensively by users with different perspectives to remove any biases in decision making. The systematic feedback and validation process ensures that the final designs create positive user experiences.



Interaction Design – Invest Today and Win Long-term Customer Loyalty

Good user experience is a crucial aspect of every successful product or service. It improves user satisfaction and comes with many other benefits. If you answer “Yes” to one or more of these questions, you need to invest in Interaction Design:

  • Do you need to make your product easier to use in order to promote loyalty?
  • Fulfil customer needs better and increase conversions?
  • Improve customer retention rates?
  • Reduce product iterations and development costs in the long run?
  • Motivate users to engage more with your product and spread the word about it?
  • Differentiate your product from others in a competitive niche?
  • Reduce customer acquisition, customer retention, and customer service costs?
  • Increase referrals and recommendations to drive faster business growth?




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