UI Engineering & Development

Bring Pixel-Perfect Designs to Life with Flawless Coding

UI Engineering & Development

UI Development – Build a Better Interface That Looks Great and Runs Perfectly

UI development is the process of creating an engaging interface whose look, feel, and functions meet user needs. Without effective UI development, the user experience will suffer.

At Thence, we use agile UI development to bring outstanding designs to life and deliver the wow factor in product experience. Our focus on clean coding ensures that all user interfaces we develop work as intended and passes the most stringent usability tests.

Working alongside in-house, partner, and client engineering teams, we run development and design processes in parallel to meet product release deadlines and achieve a stunning end-result. Our UI testing process weeds out buggy code even as the UI is being developed, to speed up delivery.



Thence UI Development Services

The duration of the UI development process depends on the complexity of your design and user expectations. In general, you can expect it to take 5-8 weeks. At the end of this process, your interface will be fully functional and ready to meet the demands of the most exacting users.

Our expertise involves

  • Technology – HTML5/CSS3/JS/PHP/AngularJS/ReactJS/NodeJS
  • Frameworks – Bootstrap, Flex, Grid, Flex-Grid
  • Platforms – WordPress
  • Eco-systems – Web, Mobile
  • Functional and Unit UI Testing – Manual, Automated



UI Development – Build a Fast, Beautiful, and Engaging UI That Users Will Love Returning To

Effective UI development reduces your overall costs, increases user retention, and builds customer loyalty. Has the time come for you to invest in UI development? Do you want to:

  • Create a more accessible and more engaging interface for all users?
  • Improve customer retention rates by making your product more intuitive?
  • Speed up the performance and loading times of your interface?
  • Reach a wider audience and improve product adoption?
  • Build your product before a tight deadline without sacrificing quality?
  • Establish a clean software architecture that enables you to continually refine your product?




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