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UX Consulting

Improve Your User Experience with Expert Advice from a Leading UX Think-Tank

UX consulting makes your website or application easier to use by evaluating it and recommending improvements. Drawing on different disciplines, effective UX consulting goes beyond simple interface tweaks to highlight potential improvements related to design, functionality, usability, and content presentation.

At Thence, we provide data-driven strategic UX consulting that enables you to align business expectations with product objectives to create a superior user experience.

As an experienced UX think-tank, Thence can fulfil the role of an outsourced Chief Experience Officer (CXO). We can help you identify problem areas and discover the improvements that can have the most beneficial effects on your customers.

Thence UX Consulting Services

The duration of our UX consulting service depends on the nature of your project and its complexity. We can help you quickly evaluate your product’s user experience and understand what elements need to be updated or redesigned. At the same time, we can provide UX consulting services on an ongoing basis for optimal long-term results.
By helping you to refine the user experience, we empower you to create a well-rounded product that is easy to use and rewarding for both new and current users. Using our vast multi-domain exposure and industry-leading UX practices, we deliver

  • Digital Experience Design Strategy
  • Innovation Strategy
  • UX in Digital Transformation
  • Product roadmap development
  • Design Briefing
  • UX Project Management

Enlist Expert Help to Create a Fantastic User Experience and Reduce Design Costs

For many products across industries, UX consulting has become a valuable service that improves the overall product experience while reducing costs stemming from uninspired UX design choices.If the following questions resonate with your organization, then you too will benefit from this service.

  • Do you want to reduce UX development, redesign, and maintenance costs for your product?
  • Minimize UX design mistakes that could backlash against you?
  • Improve customer satisfaction, retention rates, and referrals by creating a richer user experience?
  • Align your business objectives to ever-more-demanding customer expectations?
  • Create key checkpoints for your UX design team using product roadmaps, innovation strategies, and design briefs?
  • Create the best UX experience possible for your product?


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