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Product Consulting Practice
Navigating the world of Product Management is like steering a ship through a category 5 hurricane. Product managers are constantly dealing with volatile market dynamics, stiff competition and ever-changing user needs - the ingredients of a perfect storm.

So, how do you brave the elements and set yourself up for product success?

Discovery Workshop

In the world of product management, there’s no one perfect way - it’s neither black nor white but a lot of greys in between. In those moments of doubt. It helps to have an expert at the table to soundboard and help bring clarity to thought and untangle ambiguity to chalk out a clear cut and actionable product roadmap.

Collaborate to co-create

The best products are the outcomes of a multidimensional approach taken by bringing subject matter experts across domains to the table.

Sprint to the finish

With the Sprint methodology, tackle big product problems with lightening speed using the lean-startup mindset to ensure an accelerated solution turn-around-time.

9/10Product Managers have found participating in a Product Discovery Workshop has helped feel better prepared by clearing the air on looming questions and gaining a fresh perspective on their product roadmap.

What does it cover

A 2 to 5-day intense workshop replete with interactive sessions with industry experts.
Understanding and streamlining product objectives from a stakeholder perspective
Benchmarking product trends across the landscape
Arriving at Features And Benefits statements
Crafting concept prototypes for key feature functionalities
What do you get?

Product Requirement Document (PRD) detailed a list of features, functionalities, and user stories and with an up to 24 month roadmap.

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Product Performance

The digital world, like the real one, is in a state of constant flux. User needs perennially change. Markets react dynamically. To keep up, products and their UX need to perform better. It’s a never-ending catch-up race whose victor is one determined by persistence and consistency.
78% of product managers fear that they will be overtaken by a competitor for lack of keeping pace with the times.
Why bother?

Yesterday’s success belongs to history,tomorrow’s belongs to you.

Long gone are the days of product monopoly with technology becoming commoditized and everybody building digital applications, the glaring question that looms in front of users, “Why your product? How is it better?”

33% of CPOs say their top priority is boosting User-Facing Product KPIs to ensure high user retention and increasing Average Revenue per User and user Lifetime Value.

How do we boost performance?

With RIVO, our proprietary Product and UX Lifecycle management framework
  • Research
    to uncover product growth hypothesis
  • Implement
    product blueprints with multidiscplinary design teams
  • Validate
    product prototypes with domain experts and users
  • Optimize
    continuously with data analytics and synthesis

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