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User Experience Design Studio
The age-old adage of “Design is just not how it looks, but how it works” exists for a reason. And for design to work, you need to engineer your way through it. That is why at our premier UX Design Studio, we don’t just design for great UX but systematically solve for it.


User experience often expands beyond the digital screens of the online realm on to the real world. With a growing class of technology-enabled services, it becomes pertinent to integrate the two worlds for seamless user experience. Service Design modelling allows for this holistic approach, taking into context the full User Experience journey.

for people

The defining trait of successful designers and their work is the mark of empathy - to be able to put ourselves in the shoes of the person for whom the benefit of the product has been promised and being able to realize that fully.

For Experience
determines outcomes

And an empathetic experience is one that truly delivers on the users’ wants and needs results in outstanding outcomes that each business constantly vies for.
Digital or User Experience Design is a Key Focus Area for Organizations and is strongly positioned amongst the leading contenders for IT market growth along with Cloud Computing, AI/ML, and Blockchain.

Service Blueprint Modeling

Mapping user needs, wants and expectations across the service journey
Journey Mapping
An end to end mapping of the user’s journey across the product/service
Affinity and
Empathy Mapping
Mapping customer preference to features and their emotional state of mind across the journey
Storyboarding and
Scenario Mapping
Visualizing the user’s narrative of product usage and the scenarios that accompany
“Service design blueprints help evolve the users’ experience organically by always having a top-down perspective and allowing for constant intervention at those touchpoints to deliver a progressively better experience. Without these blueprints, it’s a mess. With Thence we were able to untangle the web of our users’ journey and make appropriate tweaks to deliver our brand value.”
Chief Design Officer, Funded Enterprise SaaS Provider

Product Design

Designing the form and function of digital products’ with industry-standard and time tested processes by leveraging our years of experience in understanding user dynamics and underlying technical nuances to bring out a fundamentally strong experience layer that is feasible and endowed with finesse. That’s the Product Design Practice at Thence in a nutshell.

Design Engineering

At Thence, we don’t design is more than how it works, looks, or makes the user feel. It’s about providing a viable solution that addresses the needs of the User while meeting the goals of the business. And the way we do it is, we design engineer, going about it in a systematic manner to ensure a perfect solution.
Our end to end product design capabilities include
Interaction (IX) Design
  • Paper prototyping
  • Information Architecture modeling
  • User flow design
  • Functionality workflows
  • Micro-interaction Transitions
  • UX copywriting
  • Low, mid, high fid wireframing
  • Click-through wireframe prototyping
User Interface (UI) Design
  • Design Language & Systems
  • Hi-Fidelity Screen Design & Asset Sharing
  • Micro-interaction Animations
  • Click-through UI Prototyping
UI Engineering & Development
  • Web technologies: HTML5, CSS3, JQuery
  • All platforms: Conditional Prototyping
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