UX Research & Testing Lab

Uncover ground-breaking insights and draw inferences from extensive analysis

UX Research & Testing Lab
It’s safe to say any User Experience worth its weight is built on the foundation of robust research and further fine-tuned with constant testing.
After all, good design isn’t just how it looks but how it works. And to make design work there isn’t a magic formula, it’s just the good old scientific process of conceptualizing hypothesises and testing them.

UX Research

As the name suggests, fundamental research is the foundation and start of the design process. It’s an exercise of uncovering what we don’t know using a systematic methodology in moving from the vagueness of broad concepts and translating them into verifiable hypothesises.

Don’t shoot
in the dark

In this day and age where time is of essence, assumption led design decisions is often the primary pitfall to take a product through a downward spiral. It’s important to deflect from such a “shooting-in-the-dark” approach.

Steer clear of
design do-overs

The number one reason for design overhauls isn’t the quality of design but the faulty assumptions that they’re built on. The cost of bad design is astronomical. So, it’s prudent to tackle any product build with a “get-it-right-from-the-get-go” mindset.

210+Research studies conducted at Thence for clientele across traditional and new-age industry verticals.

Research Studies portfolio

Wide range of research frameworks and methodologies for every plausible need.
  • User Recruitment and Sampling
  • User 1-on-1s
  • Focus Group Studies
  • Contextual Inquiries
  • Survey Studies
  • Ethnographic Research
  • Diary Studies
What do you get?

Research Reports rich with Insights.

Our research studies culminate with detailed reports - acting as the bedrock for further design implementations and allowing teams to uncover design intent i.e. “Why are we designing what we’re designing?”.

Get your
UX validated today


UX Testing & Validation

We can validate the efficacy of design to see if it really works, only if we were to test it rigorously. UX Testing is the sandbox to test and calibrate design outputs before going live.

It is UX testing that often provides richer insight into the users’ behaviour and with today’s advanced testing tools and frameworks, it’s all the more reason to validate your design outputs before going live.

Over 85% of designers are able to fix glaring gaps and friction points in the overall experience to help go live with products that are not just viable but desirable with our rigorous UX testing.

Our Testing practice covers the below:
  • Conceptual testing
  • Usability Observation & Testing - Remote, Contextual, Controlled environments
  • Cognitive Walkthroughs
  • Heuristic Evaluation & Expert review
  • Functional UI Testing
  • Behavioural Analysis

Get your
UX validated today


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