UX Efficacy and Maturity Assessment Program

Is it imperative to periodically take stock of products in your digital ecosystem: of where they are falling short of user expectations and as a consequence impacting business goals adversely? That’s rhetorical, of course, it is.

Gauge gaps and chalk out a robust product roadmap

A thorough UX Maturity Assessment Program (MAP) goes a long way in identifying not just glaring product gaps but even those that are hidden in plain sight and sets you up for success.

But why?

Before investing in expanding your digital portfolio by adding new products or in the next build of the current ones, it’s good to pause and put in an action plan that is future-ready and proof.

How can we help?

MAP intends to tackle just that - gauge gaps that exist today to chalk out a product (eco-system) roadmap that will determine the best course of action.
“Most audit reports that I’ve received have been centred around UI, while UI gaps are the easiest to find and fix, it often misses the mark in boosting product performance beyond a certain degree. On the other hand, usability testing is more thorough but a time-consuming and expensive affair. MAP by Thence delivers the best of both worlds - agile but rich with insights.”
VP Product, Global IT Major

60%of Product Managers know that their product is falling short of user expectations but don’t know where.

How does it work?

A rigorous evaluation built on a multipronged approach
Stakeholder Brainstorming
A deep dive into business objectives, mandates and challenges
Competitive Benchmarking
Panning the product landscape for a thorough benchmarking
Heuristic Evaluation
Multidimensional evaluation covering over 240 checkpoints
Qualitative and Quantitative analysis of user feedback and product performance

And the proof is in the pudding

Critical issues fixed
Avg increase in performance
increment in return users
faster than usability testing

What do you get?

Get a Detailed Audit Report with actionable insights and recommended fixes in as less as 4 weeks.
72% of Product Managers have admitted that often that banking on trial and error alone hasn’t helped and over 40% would like a ringside perspective from experts at the table.
In other words, our UX Audit is thorough and some more.

Fix your product today and prep for tomorrow’s success.

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