UX Performance Improvement Program

In this digital-first world, the graveyard of products which failed to micro-pivot in time with evolving market-user dynamics is on the rise. It’s safe to safe that unless you operate at lightning speed you will be left in the dust, obsolete.

No wonder, for product managers the foremost mandate is to ensure product success through the best and worst of market times.

Propel your user-facing Product KPIs

The #1 concern for practising Product Managers is “getting stuck in the rut” with 6/10 product managers worried that they are not moving fast enough to keep pace with market trends.
Yet 9/10 product managers fear the risk of innovation - with an increasingly lowered appetite for disruptive experimentation, trading it for the comfort of incremental gains and product stability.
A classic catch-22 situation. So, how do you get the best of both worlds - product stability and the ability to leapfrog competition

Easier said than done

With constantly evolving user and market dynamics it is imperative to move fast and adapt or risk giving up market share to competitors.

Lead the pack. Don’t follow it.

And the only way to lead is to move fast is with quick experimentation for analysing and picking up trends ahead of when they materialize to consistently disrupt the status quo.

Boost by Thence

Leveraging our Selective Sandbox Experimentation methodology, combining a multidimensional approach to identify, hypothesize, build, and test in delivering validated results for stable large-scale implementation, Boost is Product performance on steroids.

How do we help?

Using quick and iterative measure-build-learn cycles for progressive results
A thorough analysis and synthesis of product performance
Gathering intel from across the business landscape
UX Prototyping
Quick and rapid prototyping based on Lean UX Framework
Validation of concept by testing with real users
“Our challenges were unique. An already successful product with a million-plus user base but we knew that wasn’t the end of the road. We’d have to innovate to keep the momentum going but we weren’t really sure how to innovate without putting at risk what we had done so far. With the stakes this high, Thence with their Sandbox Experimentation were a perfect solution. We were able to identify key areas of improvement and by playing to our strengths, provide a richer experience furthering the gap between our competitors and us.”
SVP Product, Fashion eCommerce Major

What do you get?

Validated action plan to tackle pressing product challenges with:
  • Before and After Analysis
  • Ready to go outputs
  • User validated feedback
  • Plan of Action

A snapshot of results delivered

increase in user checkouts for Fashion eCommerce Major
gain in user engagement for Retail Investment Platform

Give my
Product a Boost


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