Rapid Product Design Program

Searching for the quickest way to validate your idea, learn what users want and leapfrog your competitors? Leverage Lean UX Design and Rapid Prototyping to build MVPs that disrupt the landscape while accelerating your go-to-market time.

Take your Idea from Concept to MVP

Building a product from scratch is an exciting but scary affair - a big
“What if” that constantly looms in the air, “What if it fails?” Sound familiar?

There’s good news. There’s another equally potent “What If” that tackles that.

“What if we could be sure it won’t?”

Why bother?

Whether it’s a feature or a full-blown product, we’ll help you validate ideas before you spend millions into full-blown product development.

It’s all about the ROI after all. And none of us would like to be caught off guard with money down the drain - read responsible for bad products that nobody wants and all money spent up getting there.
Over 80% of CXOs are particular of getting at least 3x ROI on digital spends
faster time to market
increase in product build ROI
“Having built and successfully exited billion-dollar businesses before, it was crucial for us to work with a team that could help us go-to-market with minimal resistance. From idea to MVP, Thence helped us get there in less than 3 months working in agile with our technology teams. This has perhaps been the most seamless experience trying to build a technology-enabled service in an extremely competitive space.”
Rushil & Ratnesh Verma (ex-President, Whitbread), Founders of Pidge

2020Create by Thence
does just that - helps tackle uncertainty, answers the unanswered and helps garner real-world feedback from actual users to shed light on the way forward.

With Rapid prototyping leveraging Lean UX framework

for accelerating achieving Product-Market fit with.
Sprint Workshops to uncover primary MVP feature set
Paper sketching for translating ideas into visual aids
Mini mid-fid wireframe prototyping for garnering quick feedback
Baseline MVP as click-through UI prototype

And does it deliver?

A picture is worth a thousand words And a prototype a thousand meetings. Rapid prototyping by leveraging Lean UX framework with
With the laser focus spend on features that matter build a product that people love and get the ROI you deserve.

Build your MVP today, take it to market tomorrow.


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