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If you’re a brand that’s been there, done that with engaging users through the first generation of screen-based experiences. You must be catching yourself asking, "What’s next?”

Graduate to Gen 2.0 Experiences

Gen 2.0 Experience - novelty today, mainstream tomorrow. Is it time to jump on the bandwagon, be an early adopter and get ahead of the race?
It’s time to elevate your UX with the next generation of user experiences: AR/VR, Chatbots, VUI and more...
Gen 2.0 experience market worth USD YMn today, is projected to be Z USD in 2025, growing at X% CAGR, meaning brands are projected to spend close to 5X their current spend.

So, why all the fuss?

It’s safe to say that top Brands, especially those that are consumer-facing, are forever on the lookout for newer ways to differentiate and boost customer affinity.

On the other hand, users too love a good brand that offers new experiences to constantly reinforce their association. Creating this symbiosis isn’t as easy as it sounds in this world cluttered with an overwhelming number of choices.
30% of brand managers would like to introduce new ways of engaging customers to boost engagement but only 10% have thought of doing so with new age experiences with less than 4% having actually invested in it.

40% of CXOs have agreed that they need to start exploring Gen 2.0 experiences starting today to stay ahead of the curve.

How do you introduce new age UX?

Tackling Gen 2.0 UX, like its older sibling, still comes down to the same fundamentals.
People who understand the nuances of designing richer and interactive experiences as well as exploiting the capabilities of the underlying technology.
A refined design process built on the same design universal fundamentals to ensure users are provided a well-rounded experience that doesn’t fall short of the hype.
A robust stack of design and technology Platforms that allows for bringing to abstract concepts to life while.

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