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Evoke Emotion and Increase Engagement Through an Outstanding UI Design

Create Interfaces and Interactions That Wow Customers with our UI Designs

In an increasingly visual world, beautiful and functional user interfaces have become a must for any customer-centric organization. UI design aims to deliver precisely that – visually engaging and intuitive interface and interactions that maximize the appeal of your product.

UI design today is a mix of art and science, design and data, and it needs to be approached as such. At Thence, our years of experience in graphic and UX design have made us experts at finding this balance.

We combine data from UX research and competitor UI bench-marking to craft unique designs that deliver the wow in product experience. To achieve this, we make interaction design our key focus and optimize every aspect of the interface down to the smallest element.

And we know that looks and first impressions matter. We add vibrancy and visual depth to your product through custom artwork, animations, and transitions created by our in-house creative team.

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Thence UI Design Services

Our UI design service is typically a 4-6 week-long engagement, depending on your needs and scope. This includes the research process and competitor analysis, which yield valuable performance data and insights on user needs and preferences.

The resulting UI assets, style-guides, and pixel-level design specs are handed over to the development team for agile coding, and soon after, your UI design becomes a vibrant and engaging product.

Interface design

  • Mood board and reference gathering
  • Competitor UI benchmarking
  • Style guide development – Colour Palettes, Icon Design, Typography, Visual and Graphic elements
  • Macro and micro copy-writing
  • UI prototyping
  • Custom artwork
  • Interface screen design
  • Asset sharing

Interaction design

  • Macro and micro-interactions
  • Transition design
  • Gesture and touch design

Appeal to Customers’ Emotions to Connect with Them and Increase Retention Rates

The look and feel of your product, whether it’s an app or website, has an enormous impact on customer satisfaction and adoption. First impressions and feelings heavily influence customers, many of whom make intuitive decisions. More than creating an intuitive interface, UI design increases the emotional appeal of your product.

  • Do you want to keep distracted customers engaged with your product for longer?
  • Create a more memorable user experience through a well-crafted UI?
  • Use the power of custom designs to create and associate positive emotions with your brand?
  • Improve customer retention rates by making your product more enjoyable to use?
  • Reduce design mistakes, product iterations, and development costs?

Digital first organizations have to invest in UI Design in alongside iterations in product features and business changes. Good UI multiplies the impact of the features of your product and the effort that goes into building it.

Why Thence?

Global Top 10

Thence is a global top 10 ranked UX/UI agency by

100+ Projects

Thence has delivered improved experiences to 50+ organisations

Proprietary Process

We use proprietary frameworks to deliver consistent results

UX Lab

We are one of the few agencies to have an in house state of the art UX Lab

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