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Reinventing the retail web experience of the bath segment - Royale, and enabling India's largest paint manufacturing company, transition into a global décor firm


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Furnish a web experience that not only showcases the brand and product catalog but drives action!

Create a lasting impression on the minds of the consumer with superior UI Design.

Understanding the brand

Asian Paints as part of its larger organizational direction has been transforming from a paint manufacturer to a décor pioneer.

In this endeavor, Asian Paints has been constantly adding new décor segments, with focus on Bath Fittings and Accessories, driven by their acquisition of the Ess Ess brand.

Asian Paints intended to mark its nuance in the Bath and décor segment as a premium and authentic player.

The objective was apparent. Furnish a user experience on the website that not only showcases the brand and product catalog but drives action! Create a lasting impression on the minds of the consumer and the market.

Our Journey

Our team traveled to a few cities and multiple suburbs in and around Bangalore to gain insight from AP’s customer segment and dealers.

It was apparent that although most of these consumers diligently visited various websites to do their groundwork and possess as much information as possible on the brands, market trends, products and services offered, features, configuration, pricing, etc., yet the website left them a puzzle to move forward with. The data was either not comprehensibly presented or was misleading. Never painting the full clear picture as per consumer’s needs.

We considered enabling the consumer to indulge in the products, discover personalized colors and provide a complete experience, was a good start.


Understanding the consumers

They either opted to work with Architects, extensively brainstorming and continuously insisting to visualize the physical product. Or, preferred a good plumber for more prudent needs.
Some consumers’ only priority seemed to be the lasting concerns of the product. So, they chose long warranty and reasonable prices over brand loyalty.


What we discovered

This brought us to understand, how, a well-thought-out platform could glue Asian Paints’ consumers to its brand. As they knew what they needed but didn’t have a medium to relish the experience.

Understanding the needs of each consumer bracket becomes crucial with a customer-centric solution. As they are erudite through groundwork about required information and materials. Hence, our approach was to bring Asian Paints into the consumer’s comfort zone.


User Interface Design

It was in our favor that the consumers already were avid researchers. This provided us the opportunity to integrate a sophisticated approach serving as a one-stop solution for all home proof and décor needs.

Tackling all needs of the consumer as well as Asian Paints’, with one thorough platform. Pre-meditated to provide an accurate visualization of the end-result, enabling the consumer to acquire tailor-made solutions to treasure their homes with.

Thence, enabling Asian Paints to branch out to all those in need of home solutions! Through a UI design so simplistic, vibrant and invigorating with a keen affinity to allure millennials.

A refreshing way to build and preview bathrooms, explore the range of hues through Visualiser and identify the perfect shade with an array of wall designs!

The Results

  • New age web experience identified Asian Paints as a leader in the décor segment.
  • Increasing use of “Build my bathroom”, propelling Asian Paints’ market growth.

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