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Fintech start-up invigorated through pre-meditated user engagement


Golden Pi


Fintech, Financial, Technology


2017 – ongoing

The Crux


Golden Pi, a pioneering Indian technology firm that aims to redefine the 200-year-old investment space, exclusively in Bonds and Debentures, by making them easily accessible and investable by the retail investors via the online platform.

Taking a good look

As the behavior of secured saving among the audience leans towards the traditional approach (FD, RD, shares etc), it was necessary to gain their confidence in the services Golden Pi offered.

A business module with such potential could only reach its peak by facilitating a seamless, interactive and informatively encouraging website to pique investor interest.

This proved to be a thriving opportunity for Golden Pi to cater to retailer needs through a comprehensive, concise, and user-centric touch. That’s where we stepped in!

Getting the numbers to add up


Our team reached out to a handful of retail investors in Bangalore and gained insight into their preferences and opinions that drive their decisions.

The investors favored a less risk and most convenient form of investment. Means of information that would shed complete clarity on their monetary commitment.

They needed to be made aware of Golden Pi’s services and encourage engagement to learn and derive value out of the investments.


Understanding customer approach

Retail Investors usually carry out the investment process through banks, wherein they personally oversee the transaction for assured security or hire consultants for a better rate of returns.

They are discouraged from online monetary transactions due to haphazard data representation and slow performance or other hiccups.

Due to the niche service offered, investors were unaware of the pertaining policies and the effort required to initiate measures for investment.



The array of data had to be simplified and designed to invoke user curiosity and establish trust by depicting the right information in a seamless and robust manner.

The investors were keen to opt for Golden Pi, but the lack of a crisp platform was limiting them from exploring more.

We needed to familiarise the user and educate the investors of Golden Pi’s services.



Not only did we transform their website design to cater to all demographic appetite, but we also compiled detailed learning material to create a thorough wide-spread tutorial on bond markets to ease the investor into understanding the dynamics and make a learned choice on their investments.

Our team developed a simplistic and lively design to engage the user in interacting more and encouraged to explore all facets of the information provided. Thence, enabling the user’s confidence in the platform and influencing a lasting experience.

Rolling the numbers in!

With our user-centric approach, Golden Pi has been more effective in creating wealth for investors through

  • Detailed solutions and guides as per investor need.
  • An efficient, one-stop platform furnished for learning and investing.
  • Boosted Golden Pi’s online customer base.
  • Propelled revenue.
  • Enhanced customer outreach.
  • Ever growing market presence

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