India’s largest corporate employee wellness platform becomes addictive to millennials with UX revamp and gamification




Corporate Wellness



In essence

The UX design of the corporate employee fitness app was not engaging enough for the existing users. This resulted in a drop in usage, plummeting outreach, and overall reduced engagement in the programs.

Our brief was to reimagine the user experience of the Healthtech platform to increase adoption and engagement among users.

Using thorough User Research, we identified key drivers of engagement for the application and redesigned the UI/UX of the web and mobile applications. The addictive Gamification and the UX revamp resulted in a sharp increase in both downloads and adoption of the app.

Aligning with Millennial fitness

Sound health and fitness are practiced as a current norm of lifestyle among our generation. Conventional employee wellness programs offered by health camps and fitness centers are dated with workforces that are especially millennial-heavy [about 40%]. This has brought an increasing demand for new age experiences and programs not just as an employee expectation but a business prerogative.

Taking the cue, while employee engagement teams adopted new-age wellness programs; facing the challenge of lack of active engagement and participation persisted, as for example with Getactive – India’s largest corporate wellness gamification program.

Given that Millennials are active digital consumers, they seek out quality UX that provides value and gratifies their overall experience. A splendid opportunity for us to put on our thinking caps!

Our Solution

GetActive reached out to us to improve the user experience of their digital eco-system to boost participation and engagement in its programs.

We collaborated closely with GetActive’s tech and business teams over the last 3 years, wherein we implemented our proprietary progressive UX design framework: KiaXen powered by RIVO.



Intense research on the yesterday, today, and tomorrow of employee wellness.
Arriving at the design hypothesis of a two-pronged approach: Address the millennial & focus on HR.



UX design – Optimizing user journeys, quick prototyping
HR: Dashboards, real-time data tracking, active participation, monitor units of distance traveled and initiatives, participation and peer competitions performed by the individual.
Employees: Gamification (Bounty Hunter/Run Riot), Community (Tribes), Holistic wellness tracking (fitness tracker), Expert advice (Nutrition and health experts) all enabled through an interactive and microsite developed to engaging and encourage the users to participate.

UI design – Vibrant, enthusiastic, and appealing to today’s millennial.



In-house and external user testing to quickly test the prototype’s usability.



Constantly measuring the UX performance based on qualitative and quantitative analysis to ensure the progressive growth of the UX as the product metamorphoses into being the industry pioneer.

The Results

  • Boosted GetActive’s app rating on google play store.
  • Extensively boosted the number of downloads of the App.
  • Clutch feedback

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