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The Brief


Leyton’s online business presence required to be vigorous to facilitate malleable user requirements while establishing familiarised comfort.

The Directive

Another interesting journey – Leyton. They expertise in the optimization of Research and Development (R&D) Tax Relief, R&D Grants as well as HR Advice and Employment Law Services in the UK.

The productivity of Leyton’s administration was directly dependant on the efficiency of their vast clientele management.

The online business presence required to be vigorous to facilitate malleable user requirements while establishing familiarised comfort. Quite ideal to get our UX team busy!

The Approach


We reviewed the stakeholder objective and surveyed a handful of Leyton’s users in the UK.

All work was undertaken either in-house or on clients’ premises to ensure security and privacy of data. The transactions are generated via tickets or receipts and carried out to process.

This meant the business’ online presence was crucial and required to be informatively thorough and concise while aesthetically pleasing and competitively distinct.


Understanding user approach

The users were anxious to avail Leyton’s services, but the unwieldy performance of the website disheartened them from pursuing further.

Instead, they preferred handheld guidance, insisting on generic query resolves from consultants.

Customers were dissuaded by the data represented and where usually overwhelmed by the information.



Our efforts were focused on a user interface designed to efficiently synergize a distinctive blend of consultants, enabling Leyton to optimally equip dedicated technical teams to understand challenges and deploy measures.

To quantify data in a visually interactive design collaborating the multidisciplinary teams of consultants.

A detailed user flow study was undertaken for stakeholder review and to deploy measures for overall goal alignment.

Our Solution

A clear front-end design developed on tested know-how adhering to functional requirements and engaging visual aesthetics

Improved color scheme and Pixel perfect coding present the information in a charming fashion to enhance user interest.

Our app’s design also includes efficient management of tickets and receipts, to assist in boosting overall productivity and service of the organization.

Thence, marking Leyton’s evolution through heightened user experience.


Result Obtained

Our user-centric touch has boosted Leyton’s efficiency in-

  • Improved customer communication
  • Growth in online customer base
  • Propelling revenue
  • Enhancing customer outreach
  • Ever growing market presence

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