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UX Research: Insights & Evidence to De-risk Decision Making

Research brings context and insight into design decision making. UX Research can improve the usability of products by incorporating experimental and observational research methods to guide the design, development, and refinement of a product. As UX researchers, we work alongside end users, product leaders, designers, engineers, and programmers in different stages of product design.

What makes us different is our skill and experience in putting the right combination of techniques together to provide the genuine user insights you need. We employ a variety of research techniques and tools to uncover user needs throughout every step of their journey. We ensure that the data is meaningful, accurate and actionable. revenues jumped 35% after they listened to their community and incorporated suggestions into their homepage redesign.
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Thence UX Research Services

Our UX Research service is typically a 4-6 week long engagement, depending on your needs and scope. Our deliverables to you include Research Insights Report covering user preferences, performance data, and actionable design inputs for your team.

Setting the groundwork

To begin with, it is vital to understand who the end user is and the context the product or service is consumed. Our proprietary research framework enables us to study and document user intent, behaviour, and experience shortfalls.

Defining the objective

Based on the initial study, we define clear objectives from both the organisation and the end user’s perspectives. This acts as the guiding light to derive user-centric hypotheses, look for data to prove or disprove the user experience hypotheses, and bring up further insights.

Classify and optimize

We apply research in three key phases of design – Usability A/B Tests, Process Interviews, and Sentiment Assessment. This set of methods ensure that we factor tangible and intangible variables into the study.
Our team uses the below-listed methods and tools based on what is required to achieve your User Experience Research goals.

Usability-Lab Studies

  • Ethnographic Field Studies
  • Participatory Design
  • Focus Groups
  • Interviews
  • Eyetracking
  • Usability Benchmarking
  • Moderated Remote Usability Studies

When do you need User Research?

You need UX research when you have one of the below questions and your usual answers are not cutting it:

  • Why is my conversion rates lower than I expected?
  • How can we attract and keep more of my core audiences?
  • How can we help people find things on our website and mobile app faster?
  • We have an idea or an MVP; how do we make sure it’s what users want?
  • How do I make my organisation more customer-centric?

Digital first organizations conduct user research proactively and reap great rewards. If you are responsible for your organisation’s revenue or customer success, user research based UX improvements is a no-brainer step to take this year.

Why Thence?

Global Top 10

Thence is a global top 10 ranked UX/UI agency by

100+ Projects

Thence has delivered improved experiences to 50+ organisations

Proprietary Process

We use proprietary frameworks to deliver consistent results

UX Lab

We are one of the few agencies to have an in house state of the art UX Lab

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