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Drive your business forward with key product insights

Leverage the knowledge of significant metrics like user engagement, conversion and drop-off rates to identify areas of improvement and elevate the user experience of your product.


Why Thence Analytics?

Innovate with data-backed insights

Whether you're struggling to find out why the product isn't performing well or looking for a concrete solution to your problems, our team of experts allow data to take the front seat and steer your product to success.

With our deep domain knowledge and experience utilizing cutting-edge analytical tools, we empower businesses to make strategic, real-time decisions.

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Empower your business to achieve product dominance with data

Make informed, data-driven decisions
Make informed, data-driven decisions

We help businesses identify patterns, trends, and correlations between user behaviour and product usage, enabling them to optimise their strategies, eliminate guesswork and make data-backed decisions.

Enhance Product
Enhance product development

We deliver insights on how customers interact with the product to identify pain points, optimize features, prioritize enhancements, and develop a better overall product that aligns with customer needs.

Elevate UX
Elevate user experience

We make it possible for businesses to gain a deeper understanding of how users engage with their product, including where they encounter difficulties or experience friction to create a more seamless user experience.

Segment and Target
Segment and target customers

We enable businesses to segment their user base based on different attributes to understand their preferences, and tailor marketing efforts and product offerings to specific customer segments for more effective campaigns.

Track Performance
Track product performance

We assist businesses to track areas of success and areas that need improvement, enabling them to iterate, optimize, and continuously enhance their product for better performance and user satisfaction.

Discover Monetization
Discover monetization opportunities

We help businesses uncover opportunities for revenue growth by identifying user behaviours that lead to conversions, upsells, or cross-sells.

Competitive Advantage
Competitive advantage

We provide businesses a competitive edge by understanding your users' preferences, market trends, and competitive benchmarks to differentiate their product, stay ahead of the competition, and adapt quickly to changing market demands.

Return on investment(ROI) optimisation

We ensure that businesses can measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, feature releases, and product updates to optimize their resources, allocate budgets more efficiently, and focus on initiatives that generate the highest ROI.

Our strategic process for data driven expertise

From problem to problem solving and beyond, we follow a process proven to succeed and boost user satisfaction and business revenue.

Define theProblem

What & How to Measure

Gather Insights

Extract Findings

Redesign the Product

Validate Improvement

Optimise the Product

Envision Future



What & How
to Measure

the Product




the Product

Our services and capabilities


Data collection
& Integrations

Collect and integrate data from various sources, such as web analytics tools, CRM etc.
Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Mixpanel, Fullstory  etc..

Data analysis
& Visualisation

Analyse the collected data and create meaningful visualisation.
Microsoft SQL Server, Bigquery, Jupyter notebook and more
Business Intelligence

Business intelligence

Building dashboards and creating custom reports which provides insights based on KPIs
Power BI, Tableau and more
A/B Testing


To help business identify which variations of the product perform the best
Click funnel, Unbounce and more

Analytics for all stages of your product

Track key metrics such as user engagement, conversion rates, and product usage patterns, and use this information to optimise your product experience and increase user lifetime value.

In this stage, you analyse the current website or user interface before the redesign to gather insights and make informed decisions.

User profiling and segmentation
Demographic Segmentation
Psychographic Segmentation
Need-based Segmentation
Behavioural Segmentation

During the redesign process, you continue to gather data and insights to guide the ongoing improvements.

User Experience Analysis
Cohort Analysis
RFM Segmentation
Conversational Analytics
Clickstream Analysis
Product performance

Once the redesigned website or user interface is live, you focus on monitoring and optimizing its performance.

Post launch assessment for new design
Product performance
Conversion Optimisation
Clickstream Analysis
Post launch analytics

Narratives of partnership

“Thence has been an aggressive go-getter in tackling our most important product KPIs. They don’t shy away from getting into the weeds and uncovering the root cause which is crucial to improve UX KPIs.”

Product Manager, India
Travel Aggregator

“Our goal for engaging with Thence was clear and simple: increase our portfolio base by maximizing our traffic volumes, it’s been great to see the results we’ve achieved so far."

Chief Manager IT, India
Financial Services company

“We worked closely with the Thence team in assessing the gaps that exist in platform – it was surprising what we discovered and the impact it had in fixing it in driving conversions.” Product Head, India

Product Head, India
Global Fashion Ecommerce Giant

"Thence has been an instrumental partner in understanding the nuances of our business and being able to translate it to digital in the best way possible.”

Head of Markets, India
Global Financial Services Company

“We are an insight driven business and this application was important to ensure we can look have them at our fingertips and on-the-go. Thence fit the bill when we were looking at working with a team to help us turnaround this project with quick timelines, great delivery and project management.”

Partner, India
Global tech enterprise

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