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Design Outsourcing - The Next Outsourcing Game

5 min read
Alok John
Chief Operating Officer
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Principles of Conversational Design: Chatbots & Voice Assistants

Discover fundamental principles of conversational design for chatbots and voice assistants. Learn the best practices for creating engaging experiences, from natural language interactions to intuitive user flows.

8 min read

Developments in cross-border payments across SEA

India's Unified Payments Interface (UPI) has taken the country by storm. While the government-announced demonetization movement of 2016 pushed cashless transactions by many folds in India, the COVID-19 pandemic in 2019 strengthened its roots, putting the final seal on UPI as the flag-bearer of the fintech revolution in India.

6 min read
User Experience

Improve Your Website's User Engagement with Quick and Effective UX Fixes

Discover easy and effective UX fixes that can quickly boost user engagement on your website. Our expert tips and tricks will help you keep users engaged and increase conversions.

7 min read

Crucial Role of UX Design in Digital Transformation

Saying that digital technology is developing at a lightning pace is hardly anything groundbreaking. Neither is arguing that businesses need to keep up with it in order to stay competitive in the market. However, a mad dash toward digital transformation is not guaranteed to produce the desired results.

5 min read
User Experience

7 Quick UX Fixes for Boosting User Engagement

Understand more about the quick fixes to improve your user engagement.

5 min read

Asset Management Digital Disruption: What practices should AMCs adopt moving forward?

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated digital adoption in India's asset management industry. AMCs must optimize their platforms for seamless user experiences or risk losing out to mobile-first third-party aggregators. Key practices include intuitive design, interactive portfolio management, continuous performance optimization, and digital innovation programs

4 min read

AMCs are missing the bus in the mad rush of COVID 19 market surge

In the Indian financial sector, fintechs like Zerodha and Paytm have outpaced AMCs by offering superior digital experiences, especially during COVID-19. AMCs' slow digital adoption has caused them to lose traction to third-party platforms, which excel in user-friendly, mobile-first solutions. AMCs must prioritize digital innovation to regain ground.

4 min read

Designing for Millennials: Key Business Lessons

Millennials are the most important generation when it comes to communication technology. Here are some key business lessons while designing for millennials.

4 min read
User Experience

Conversational Design for Businesses

Conversational design has been around for a while, but the hype surrounding it does demand a focused, efficient look at implementing it well for businesses.

4 min read

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