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The subject of “Outsourcing Job” can be controversial. Take the United States of America for example. Donald Trump’s presidential campaign was based on bringing more jobs to the States while restricting outsourcing. Despite the buzz, the global outsourcing market amounted to 88.9 billion U.S. dollars in the year 2017.

Let’s have a pause and give some thought to this statistic. These numbers clearly suggest that more and more American companies are offering work to freelancers overseas. Without a doubt, these companies are profiting by outsourcing work, especially when it comes to “UX Research and Graphic Design.”

How are they benefiting? The answer is simple – availability of core expertise at lower rates! There are some undeniable and powerful benefits that compel foreign companies to hire overseas professionals.

Technology-Driven & Human-Centered Experience Economy

There is an unprecedented change in the breadth and depth of technology. No country’s economy will be spared from the gigantic growth of technological wave. Experience economy is a by-product of digital changes that allows a consumer to interact with a brand in a unique way.

Customers can choose to participate passively or actively in an experience. They can play a key role in creating an event. Like going to a mystery pub theater, where you can actively participate in that space. Some consumers may prefer to participate passively, simply by showing up like concerts. Experience economy gives the customer the key that opens the door of experiences they want!

If a brand wants to build affinity with their consumers, then give people what they want! Give them something special to remember, fulfill their needs, and channel the power of their interaction with your brand.

Technology is a major player in the growth of experience economy. To create a loyal, social generation for your brand, increase focus on the user experience. Whether you’re selling your good or your services, technology can fundamentally improve your customer’s interaction with your brand. This is where graphic design comes into play!

UX Research and User Design Needs Core Expertise

To enter the age of experience economy, companies need professionals with key competencies that can implement technology and create a stronger connection with consumers.

UX research works in five categories: analyzing opportunity, converting context for use, creating user experience, tracking real-world usage, and improving the product.

Development cycles need to be shorter and shorter, to keep up with the competitors and changing experience economy. This practicality needs a UX designer or UX Design Team with core development skills.

These professionals will perform user research, create visual and interactive designs, and implement, evaluate, and test the product in the shortest time.

Native Service Providers are Expensive

The competencies of a team of UX researcher and development can have a direct impact on your brand and consumer’s experience. Finding good talent with broad areas of expertise can get expensive.

Native service providers tend to be expensive. Factors like currency, insurances, severance packages and other elements make it even costlier. Outsourcing the same job will allow your company to get equally talented individuals at much lower rates. You can hire more professionals in your team and save up on the profits.

The Rise of UX Research and Design in India

In 1999, companies like Philips, Oracle, and Honeywell began establishing their operations in India. Indian software companies like Infosys grabbed this opportunity and integrated their offerings on a global scale.

In 2000, several research-oriented companies like Design for Use and Human Factors International became a prominent part of the marketing world. India was already a “hub for engineers” by then, and the concept of user experience intrigued many genius minds.

This creative process engaged engineers with designers, who focused on vertical markets. Today, almost 50,000 designers and analysts work in the Indian UX industry. The market and popularity of UX research and design in India is maturity with each day. More and more job opportunities are available for big brands like Amazon. The outsourcing for UX research is also at an all-time high. Some websites exist who help firms find the right outsourced design partner.  DesignRush  is a popular example.

India’s IT sector is booming with UX researchers and developers and it is a golden time for companies hiring a competent UX design team.

Advantages of Outsourcing UX Research and Design to India

India is one of the most popular destinations for sourcing of services. From low skilled jobs to high valued ones, more and more companies are outsourcing jobs to India. There are clear advantages – lower cost, effective work, productive organization, improved quality, and skilled professionals.

UX research and design is growing in India. Companies can get access to talented specialists who can offer great work at fraction of the cost. The different time zones result in round-the-clock productivity.

Here are some more benefits of outsourcing UX research and design to India

  • Lower Costs and Higher Benefits

Money is the core reason for outsourcing. The labor costs in countries like the US and UK are higher as compared to India. Agencies prefer to hire a dedicated workforce in India that can offer flexibility, reduction in capital expenditure, and unmatchable talent.

  • Effective Communication

India is one of the largest countries with spoken English as a second language. This ensures that overseas clients won’t have trouble communicating with Indian teams.

  • Skilled Workforce

Getting a talented and experienced workforce for your brand’s UX research and design can do wonders for your profits. Availing a skilled workforce at reasonable pricing is icing on the cake for companies in Australia, Canada, UK, and the US.

  • Latest Technology

Indian companies are greatly focused on technology. Their workforce is trained to the top of their game all the time. This helps meet the demanding needs of the overseas clients and adapting to new ones.

  • Better Productivity

It is simple mathematics – more men for lesser cost results in better productivity. You can hire more experts on your UX design team and get a better outcome.

Indian is the hottest destination for outsourcing. As the market for UX research and design is growing worldwide, Indian experts are ready to stay ahead of the race. Do you have any thoughts about UX research market in India or a general view on outsourcing? Feel free to comment!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do companies outsource UX research and design?

Companies outsource UX research and design to access core expertise at lower rates, improving cost-efficiency and leveraging a skilled global workforce.

What is the significance of the experience economy in digital transformation?

The experience economy emphasizes creating unique, memorable interactions with customers, enhancing brand loyalty through technology-driven, human-centered design.

Why is India a popular destination for outsourcing UX research and design?

India offers lower labor costs, a skilled and tech-savvy workforce, effective communication in English, and improved productivity through round-the-clock operations.

What are the benefits of outsourcing to India?

Benefits include lower costs, access to a skilled workforce, effective communication, latest technology adoption, and better productivity by hiring more experts at a lower cost.

How has the UX research and design industry evolved in India?

The industry has grown significantly since 1999, with many global companies establishing operations in India and a thriving market of approximately 50,000 designers and analysts.

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