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Empowering businesses through meaningful insights & transformative design

We merge our decades of research expertise with your specific needs and goals, whether you're looking to understand user behaviour, gather feedback on a prototype, or enhance your product to maximize impact.

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Experience the difference of research-driven design

Validate Product
Validate your product

Test the prototype to make informed product design decisions, minimize risks, and maximize the potential for success.

Optimise Strategy
Optimise your pricing strategy

Take into account market dynamics, competitive positioning, and customer value perception based on research to identify optimal pricing structure.

Stand Out
Stand out from competitors

Create strong and unique value propositions by analysing competitors and customer preferences.

Explore Opportunities
Explore untapped opportunities

Stay ahead of the competitors by identifying business opportunities and keep up with evolving market trends.

Understand needs
Understand your customer needs

Meet customer goals, demands and preferences by acquiring a deep understanding of their behaviour and habits.

Improve Performance
Improve product performance

Measure your product's performance against KPIs to identify areas of improvement, undergo iterations and increase customer satisfaction.

Our research recipe for Product Success


Understand and analyse the existing product

Heuristic analysis
Cognitive Walkthroughs
UX analysis
Quantitative Analysis
Stakeholder Studies
User Group

Identify and study the user group

Journey Mapping
Card sorting
Affinity Mapping
Information Architecture
Surveys & Focus groups
Persona Studies

Understand and analyse the existing product

Diary Studies
Secondary Research
Focus Groups
Landscape Analysis
Ethnographic Studies
Competitor Benchmarking

Understand and analyse the existing product

Market-Fit Analysis
Usability testing
Pricing Validation
KPI Validation
A/B & Multivariate Testing

Narratives of partnership

“We are an insight driven business and this application was important to ensure we can look have them at our fingertips and on-the-go. Thence fit the bill when we were looking at working with a team to help us turnaround this project with quick timelines, great delivery and project management.”

Partner, India
Global tech enterprise

“We have increasingly focusing on improving our business KPIs and while we realized digital is a strong enabler in that journey it was with the help of Thence that we could put that into motion."

VP - Agent Relationships, India
Insurance Brokerage Company

"Thence’s hands-on methodology throughout the entire process is what really delighted us."

Head of Product, India
Leading Mobility Company

“Thence has been an aggressive go-getter in tackling our most important product KPIs. They don’t shy away from getting into the weeds and uncovering the root cause which is crucial to improve UX KPIs.”

Product Manager, India
Travel Aggregator

“Our goal for engaging with Thence was clear and simple: increase our portfolio base by maximizing our traffic volumes, it’s been great to see the results we’ve achieved so far."

Chief Manager IT, India
Financial Services company

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